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NH Traffic Cams
Quick Glance
Commuter Routes
I-93 Manchester to Boston
Spaulding Turnpike Rochester to Portsmouth
I-89 Traffic Cams
Between Exits 12 & 13

Exit 9

I-93 Traffic Cams:
Canterbury Rest Area
Exit 12 in Concord
I-89 Junction in Bow
Londonderry Exit 5
Windham Exit 3
Salem Exit 2
Manchester to Boston
I-95 Traffic Cams:
High-Level Bridge
Portsmouth Exit 7
Portsmouth Exit 6
Portsmouth Exit 4
Portsmouth Exit 3
Greenland NH
Hampton NH
I-293 Traffic Cams:
Manchester Exit 1
FE Everett Turnpike
Nashua Exit 8
Spaulding Trnpk Cams
Rochester NH
Dover NH
Newington NH
Portsmouth NH
Rochester to Portsmouth
Rt. 1 Traffic Cams
Rt. 1 on Memorial Bridge


Rt. 3 Traffic Cams
Lancaster NH
Rt. 4 Traffic Cams
Durham NH
Rt. 9 Traffic Cams
Keene NH
Rt. 13 Traffic Cams
Brookline NH
Rt. 28 Traffic Cams
Derry NH
Rt. 101 Traffic Cams:
Manchester Exit 1
Epping Exit 6
Stratham Exit 11
Rt. 102 Traffic Cams
Derry NH
Rt. 106 Traffic Cams
All Rt. 106 Cams
Other Webcams:
Live Maine Cams
Live Vermont Cams
Outdoor NH Webcams
Permanent Mounted
NH Highway Cams
Coronavirus Effect Cam
Webcam Help:
How to Install a Traffic Cam
NH Traffic Resources:
Traffic Reports
NH Mile Marker Locations
NH Towns
Boston Traffic Cameras:
I-93 in Boston
I-495 Traffic Cams
Rt. 128 Traffic Cams
Mass Pike Traffic Cams
Past Traffic Cam Locations:
These cameras are now offline
Rt. 111 in Windham
Rt. 4 in Chichester
Host a Traffic Cam
Unusual 911 Calls
Tribute to Firemen


Set Up a Traffic Cam At Your Home or Business!


NH Traffic Cams.com is actively seeking NH businesses and residents that would like to sponsor a live traffic cam by placing a traffic cam at their NH business or home. In return for your service to your local community, you will get FREE advertising that you can use for your own business or can be donated to another business or a charity of your choice!


You can set up the traffic cam yourself (Click for Instructions), and we will offer free set up assistance by phone or email for you. This is usually not a difficult process and should take about an hour to set up. If you have a great location but are unable to set up the camera yourself, please contact us as we may be available to set it up for you. The minimum cost for a simple traffic cam is about $100. Cheaper or more expensive cameras are available. The cameras that we show on this site are all low end indoor cameras that require a window and a nearby computer within 6-8 feet of a window (if it is further than 6-8 feet, please contact us for other solutions up to 150'). Outdoor cameras and cameras that only require a router to work are available from other sources and we can help you locate those as well if you desire to go that route.


Once the camera is up and running, there are no additional costs. You provide the camera location, we will give you free advertising, it's just that simple! When you upgrade your computer, you will just need to reinstall the software that runs the traffic camera on our server and we will help you with that as well.


Your Business or Residence Must Meet the Following Criteria:

  • Must have a view of a main NH roadway

  • Computer with Windows 98 or higher that can be left on 24/7 that is within 10-15 feet of the window (if not, please contact us for other solutions that can allow up to 150' distance and only a router required)

  • A high speed Internet connection like DSL or a cable connection.

And that's all! If you have special requirements or have any questions, please let us know so we can help you get you webcam installed!


What Will You Get in Return?


If you own or manage a NH business:

  • Your business will be listed on a high visibility web page on our site that shows your business as the sponsor of the traffic cam and displays your traffic camera images!

  • Place your logo, business name, banner ad or picture on the web page where your NH traffic cam is located for FREE!

  • A complete business description about what your business offers can be placed on the page where your traffic cam is displayed for FREE!

  • The traffic cam page you sponsor will be linked to from all areas on our site where your NH traffic cam is shown.

  • NH Traffic Cams.com will host the images for you on our server at NO CHARGE!

If you DO NOT own or manage a NH business:

  • You can donate the advertising mentioned above to another business or charity of your choice.

  • All other ideas/offers will be considered.

  • NH Traffic Cams.com will host the images for you on our server at NO CHARGE!









NH Traffic Cams

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